Rainer & Margaret


It was Rainer and Margaret Kuprecht’s dream to provide a home where people who were struggling could experience God’s love in a family setting. They were sure that guests who experienced God’s love in a family setting would bloom and grow, which proved to be the case. The Hoon Hay homestead was purchased in 1986 and renamed Sarona. The name comes from the “Rose of Sharon”, a plant that blooms in the difficult conditions of the deserts of Israel. It is an apt picture.

Sarona Community is now a Charitable Trust administered by its own Board (est. 1991) and staffed by qualified personnel.

The House

The historic Sarona Homestead was purchased when the Founders recognised the healing potential of quietness, serenity and a beautiful environment. The house is comfortable and spacious. There are two lounges and a family dining room warmed by a log burner. Residents each have their own room. A workshop, art studio and gym room are located in adjacent buildings. Fire equipment is up to date.